Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pat and JT Podcast #330 – Retired Navy SEAL Jack Riggins


Pat and JT Podcast #330 – Retired Navy SEAL Jack Riggins
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So honored to have Jack Riggins on our show today! Jack is a veteran with 20 years leading Navy SEALs and Special Operations throughout the world. He is A survivor, addict, and elite. A natural born storyteller, with a mission to “help people win at life” through SEAL leadership and his personal story with abuse and addiction. 

Jack is the co-founder of Performance Mountain a consulting firm “Optimizing people, teams and organizations reach their peak from SEAL Leadership and High-Performance Psychiatry.”

Jack’s Podcast “The Darkside of Elite” is about the human cost that accompanies the quest for achievement and becoming elite in whatever you do. 

Go to https://www.performancemountain.com/patandjt to get you free SMART goal setting worksheet. 

Follow Jack Twitter @riggins_jack Instagram @riggins_jack

The Darkside Of Elite https://www.thedarksideofelite.com/

Performance Mountain https://www.performancemountain.com/ 

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