Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Jack’s Scary Toy

We Zoomed from home today! Pat is by the pool (drinking a few cocktails) Jill is at home with Jack (also probably drinking a few cocktails!) Anything we talk about to buy online, you can...

Here’s What Happens When You Feed Squirrels

Peeing in a small water bottle...in your mom's car...at a city park...in a parking lot next to a softball field/kids play area... Yeah, desperate times call for desperate measures! Anything we talk about to buy...


A new job for Bennett, an idea to replace that annoying ding-ding noise when you open your cars doors, and a continued struggle with spelling. Anything we talk about to buy online, you can find...

Manifest It

Thank the universe for what you receive before you even ask for it. Focus on how you want to feel, not what you want. Rhainna Mays drops the spiritual science on us! Book as session...

Carole Sprunk Is Back! She Wrote A Book.

Friend, mentor, and all around badass Carole Sprunk is back to talk about her new book. She has Edge Magazine, Dine Magazine, and Clout Coffee. Clout Coffee has TAKEN off over the last year....

It’s A Coup

After 21 days of inactivity, JT was ousted from the leader position of her Toon Blast team! Now...she too can be cut. The plot thickens! Pat and Beth bought their first masks from a...

Just Let Them Get After It

A Sunday Zoom Fest! JT's cats just want to hump...all the Japanese Beetles want to do is eat all the trees in Pat's yard. We Zoomed from our houses today. This was a disaster. ...

Japanese Beetles Are Dumb

Japanese beetles are NASTY! The trap bag in front of our house filled up with at least 10,000 of them in less than a DAY! WTF!! We caught up on some of your texts...and updated...

Who Watched Dirty John: Betty Broderick

The Dirty John: Betty Broderick story was awesome! Did you watch it? Also, who else is sick of all the masks in tv commercials? Ugh! Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast wherever you get your...

Kristen Doute On Hollywood Raw

Dax Holt is on talking about the HUGE interview with Kristen Doute! She speaks out for the first time since getting fired from Bravo's hit show "Vanderpump Rules." She was accused of racist behavior...