About the Pat & JT Show

After hosting a wildly popular morning radio show for nearly 20 years, Pat Safford and Jill Thomas bring the same banter and laughs to their podcast, only without the commercial breaks! They’ll talk about anything from national news to stories from their daily lives. Hear more about Jill’s crazy cats, Pat’s love of Real Housewives and The Bachelor, and stay tuned for interviews from friends. You never know exactly what you’ll get from these two, but it’s guaranteed to be a good time! With new episodes released every weekday, you’ll never miss out on what you love to hear from Pat & JT.

Patt Safford

Pat Safford

A native of Waterloo, NE, Pat Safford has worked in radio for 25 years. During that time, he has spent most of it as an on-air host, before co-founding the Parkville Media Podcast Production Company with long-time morning show co-host, Jill Thomas. In the years since leaving the radio, Pat has found a passion for producing podcasts for businesses and influencers, and the ability he has to work on them every day is a true blessing. In his free time, Pat loves spending time with his two children and loves to watch shows on Bravo with his wife.

Jill Thomas

Jill Thomas

Jill Thomas grew up in Ashland, NE, and began her career in radio over 25 years ago as an intern for a morning radio show. Over the years, she has found herself handling nearly every role you can find within the radio industry, including hosting a successful morning show with Pat for 17 years. In 2019, Jill co-founded Parkville Media Podcast Production Company with Pat because she realized that she wanted to help businesses and individuals with a passion share their stories and messages in their own voice. When she’s not at work, you can find Jill playing a round of golf, target shooting, or spending time with her dog and three cats.