Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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#179 – Brought A Gun To School??

We talked about Zoom learning and some of the crazy things teachers see and hear when teaching. Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast wherever you...

#178 – First Accident

Hopefully you've never been in a car accident. If you have, we want to hear about it. We talked about ours in this episode! Subscribe,...

#177 – Meathead Test Kitchen

Learning about nutrition and fitness is much more fun with these guys! Sausha and Sadie are launching their new podcast, Meathead Test Kitchen, with...

#176 – The Troll Thing Is True

FINALLY, we're finally able to catch up on your texts at 402-402-9478 Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast wherever you get your podcasts so you...

#175 – Catching Up With Chris Shelton

It's been way too long since Chris Shelton has been on the show! Love this guy, love his story, and love his music! Subscribe, rate,...

#174 – Add One More To The Nipple Pile

Recapping the are the highlights: Squirrels continue to mate on Pat's deck Why do certain products go to the dollar store? When will...

#173 – A $25 Fine!

Randy Stevenson from Baird Holm Law Firm was on our podcast to fill us in on all us small business owners have to do...

#172 – Wait Where’s My Laptop?

We caught up on texts from you guys at 402-403-9478. Also, Bennett had 3 months to get ready for the first day of his...

#171 – The Mask Mandate

Omaha passed a mask mandate yesterday AND fall college sports were basically cancelled. Wow, what a day! What are your thoughts? Subscribe, rate, and review...

#170 – #SaveTheChildrenOmaha

Rhianna Mays is back and she brought friends! They started the Save The Children Omaha (S.T.C.O.) Facebook group. It's gained over 8,000 followers in...