Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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#179 – Brought A Gun To School??

We talked about Zoom learning and some of the crazy things teachers see and hear when teaching. Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast wherever you...

#178 – First Accident

Hopefully you've never been in a car accident. If you have, we want to hear about it. We talked about ours in this episode! Subscribe,...

#177 – Meathead Test Kitchen

Learning about nutrition and fitness is much more fun with these guys! Sausha and Sadie are launching their new podcast, Meathead Test Kitchen, with...

#176 – The Troll Thing Is True

FINALLY, we're finally able to catch up on your texts at 402-402-9478 Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast wherever you get your podcasts so you...

#175 – Catching Up With Chris Shelton

It's been way too long since Chris Shelton has been on the show! Love this guy, love his story, and love his music! SheltonMusic.net Subscribe, rate,...

#174 – Add One More To The Nipple Pile

Recapping the weekend...here are the highlights: Squirrels continue to mate on Pat's deck Why do certain products go to the dollar store? When will...

#173 – A $25 Fine!

Randy Stevenson from Baird Holm Law Firm was on our podcast to fill us in on all us small business owners have to do...

#172 – Wait Where’s My Laptop?

We caught up on texts from you guys at 402-403-9478. Also, Bennett had 3 months to get ready for the first day of his...

#171 – The Mask Mandate

Omaha passed a mask mandate yesterday AND fall college sports were basically cancelled. Wow, what a day! What are your thoughts? Subscribe, rate, and review...

#170 – #SaveTheChildrenOmaha

Rhianna Mays is back and she brought friends! They started the Save The Children Omaha (S.T.C.O.) Facebook group. It's gained over 8,000 followers in...